Dangerous Desire

Dangerous Desire by Rebecca Dean
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Meet the original gliterrati set.

American Heiress Delia Chandler leaves Virginia to marry Lord Ivor Conisborough‚completely unprepared for life in London and her new place within the royal circle.But beneath its dazzling façade‚ Delia quickly discovers a world steeped in scandal. It seems everyone has a secret‚ including her husband.

When Ivor is sent to Cairo as an advisor to the King‚ Delia must follow with her two young daughters.

Like their mother‚ Petra and Davina are fiery beauties who long to escape the elegant streets and palatial villas of Garden City for the exotic‚ wild beating heart of Cairo. But their desires will lead them into dangerous territory‚ shattering their world as they know it‚ forever.

Drenched in glamour‚ secrets and scandal‚ A Dangerous Desire is an irresistible combination of real historical events and masterful storytelling.
Publication Date:
02 / 03 / 2009

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