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    By: Greg Bear

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    Christopher Dicken, virus hunter of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, joins an emergency taskforce on the order of the President. Around the world, what were thought to be ancient junk genes in human DNA have been stimulated to assemble encoded proteins and RNA into an infectious virus. Named SHERVA-DL3 (that is, Scattered Human Endogenous retroVirus Activation) it attacks only woman and it kills unborn children. Drop the R in retro for dramatic effect and that makes it SHEVA, an apt name for a killer.

    Kay Lang, the scientist who predicted the emergence of SHEVA knows more about it than anyone . . . except Mitch Rafelson, a paleontologist with no credibility after the sin of overwhelming curiosity has left him an unemployed outcast, headlines claiming "Sole Survivor of Body-Snatching Alpine Expedition". But he learned something when he found the mummified baby on the mountain, something not even Kaye Lang knows.

    All other wars in history have been in some way between the forces of good and evil. Not this war. Like a signal on Darwin's Radio SHEVA is broadcasting an extraordinary truth about the origin of species. There are those who will want to control human destiny, and others who will fight them. The descent of Man is at hand . . .

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