DB2 pureScale: Risk Free Agile Scaling

DB2 pureScale: Risk Free Agile Scaling by Aamer Sachedina, Matthew Huras
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Extreme Availability and Scalability--Up and Running With DB2 pureScale

DB2 is a leading-edge hybrid data server that offers optimum storage, scalability, and availability. DB2 pureScale is a new technology primarily optimized for scale-out transactional processing clusters in an active-active manner. This succinct guide will show you how DB2 with pureScale can deliver transparent application scalability, the ability to deliver agile-like computing to your transaction systems, and extreme availability.

This book, together with IBM DB2 9 New Features (McGraw-Hill, 2007) and Break Free with DB2 9.7 (McGraw-Hill, 2009), provides you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to get started with the latest DB2 release. Try the new features by downloading DB2 Express-C 9.7--it is free to develop, deploy, and distribute (with no user and database size limitations) and features pureXML technology. Go to ibm.com/db2/express.

Discover the benefits your business can achieve with the agility provided by DB2 pureScale

Find out how applications can be transparently scaled

Reduce the risk and cost of business growth through umlimited capacity
Publication Date:
31 / 12 / 2010

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