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    Deadly Departure

    By: Christine Negroni

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    Why the Experts Failed to Prevent the TWA Flight 800 Disaster and How It Could Happen Again.

    On July 17, 1996, an enormous explosion tore apart the fuselage of TWA Flight 800 in one of the worst air disasters in history. The ensuing investigation, writes Christine Negroni, was one of the most expensive in history - and tragically unnecessary.

    Despite the millions spent retrieving metal shards from the ocean and reconstructing the plane, aircraft designers had known the real answer for years. During flight, confined vapours in the fuel tanks can create a "bomblike" environment that could be ignited by no more energy than that of a penny falling a few inches.

    Writing with exceptional clarity, drawing on vivid personal stories and intensive research, Christine Negroni presents a compelling expose of how the aircraft industry has (and continues to) undermine public safety.

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