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    Dear Echo: Answers To Your Questions About Ghosts & Hauntings

    By: Echo Bodine

    Date Released

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    And Things That Go Bump in the Night.

    Fascinating readers' letters to psychic and ghostbuster Echo Bodine, showing how she has helped them deal with a myriad of supernatural phenomena. Intriguing personal accounts of ghosts and ghostbusting.

    In the afterword of Echo's book, 'Relax, It's Only A Ghost', she asked readers to send her their personal experiences with ghosts. 'Dear Echo' combines more her ghost-busting adventures with those of her readers. Anyone interested in ghosts and supernatural phenomena will love Echo's personal and humorous anecdotes and stories.

    Echo and her readers introduce us to a wild assortment of ghosts, relating tales that are often funny, sometimes unnerving, and always amazing. Her stories are entertaining and informative and will provide reassurance to the millions of us who have encountered supernatural phenomena.

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