Death or Glory II: The Flaming Sword

Death or Glory II: The Flaming Sword by Michael Asher

By: Michael Asher


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Egypt, October 1942The battle for North Africa rages fiercely along the length of the Egyptian coast . . . Punching their way deep behind enemy lines, the newly formed SAS - under the enigmatic Lt Col David Stirling - carries out daring raids against the Germans. Lt Tom Caine leads a small squad of SAS men on a desperate mission far into hostile territory. His brief: to sabotage a terrible weapon being secretly developed by the Nazis in the desolate Libyan hills . . . If he fails the Axis forces will almost certainly be unstoppable. Caine faces the full force of the German military might, but what he doesn't know is that there is a traitor among his own men. Ultimately, his fate will rest in the hands of one woman, Special Ops agent Betty Nolan.Only one thing is for certain in this war - who dares wins . . .
Publication Date:
09 / 12 / 2010

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