Debating China by Nina Hachigian

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"The US and China form the only great power relationship in the world. Theirs is therefore the most closely watched relationship in international politics, and it is not an exaggeration to say that global stability hinges on it. The multitude of issues that America and China must handle together makes it exceedingly delicate - and even more knotty than the earlier US-Soviet relationship because of the complexity of the economic ties connecting China and America. In Debating CHina, Nina Hachigian, an emerging star in the field of US-China policy, pairs leading scholars from both the US and China in dialogues about the most crucial elements of the relationship: trade and investment; economic development; monetary policy; climate change and clean energy; political systems, values, and rights; the emerging military rivalry; regional security in south and northeast Asia, Tibet and Taiwan; and the media, including the Internet. She precedes the issue-focused chapters with a broad overview of the relationship for general educated readers. The dialogues between American and Chinese scholars are intended to give readers a balanced view of the topic at hand, and the two perspectives on offer for each issue area-some contrasting, some complimentary-are perfect for students trying to obtain a better understanding of US policy towards China. Logically structured and comprehensive in coverage, Debating China will be an essential primer on the most important international relationship of the twenty first century"--
Publication Date:
17 / 01 / 2014
159 x 235 x 20mm

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