Deep Strengths: Getting to the Heart of High Performance

Deep Strengths: Getting to the Heart of High Performance by Price Pritchett
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Deep strengths are those attributes that individuals and organizations depend on to carry them through the most difficult periods. They also are the psychological assets needed in today's corporate arena to make the most of opportunities and deal effectively with high-velocity change. Price Pritchett's Deep Strengths draws on his latest research, including data from more than 300 CEOs, to show how an organization's power comes from 10 inner forces that underlie its ability to produce results. These essential qualities are

* Resilience * Confidence * Energy Level * Creativity & Innovation * Can-Do Attitude * Ambition * Hope * Happiness * Competitive Spirit * Staying Power

As an advisor to executives, boards of directors, and senior managers for more than three decades, Pritchett has developed an intimate understanding of the necessary qualities for success, and has become one of the world's top thinkers on corporate culture, mergers, and organizational change. In this landmark work, he shows how the ten deep strengths found in every successful companycombine to drive organizational effectiveness.

Pritchett then provides a new model and approach for “strength training” that you can put to work in your company. As you put this training into action, you will find ways for your company to enhance leadership effectiveness, improve employee performance, and develop an organizational culture that is psychologically primed for the escalating pace of our changing business world.
Publication Date:
26 / 10 / 2007

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