Degunking Windows 7 by Joli Ballew

By: Joli Ballew

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Restore your Windows 7 PC to peak performance!

Degunking Windows 7 is the fast, affordable way to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently. Over time, Windows PCs can slow down due to unnecessary programs, files, errors, and other "gunk." This book's proven Degunking 12-Step Program shows you how to organize your hard disk, load and run only the programs and processes you need, and restore the speed, responsiveness, and reliability your PC had when it was brand new. This do-it-yourself guide puts the practical information the expert PC technicians know directly into your hands, saving you lots of time and money!

Degunking Windows 7 shows you how to:

Remove unwanted data and programs

Organize your file system

Unclutter your desktop, start menu, and taskbar

Optimize your hard drive

Tune up and secure Internet Explorer

Organize your email

Secure your computer

Clean up and secure your network

Fix problems with media

Optimize syncing

Resolve lingering software and hardware issues

Back up precious files
Publication Date:
28 / 02 / 2011

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