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    Delivering the Male

    By: David Smiedt

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    You meet a man. You get on fabulously. You give him your number. He never calls. Why? Why? Why?
    Delivering the Male delivers the answers to this question and many more. It explores relationships from go to woe, through every stage from courting to capitulation, copulation to cohabitation. In this insightful and wickedly funny book, David Smiedt explains the secrets to surviving the dating game and the keys to winning your man by stealth. You'll also discover how to:
    turn your friendship with him into something more
    cure him of commitment phobia
    find out what he truly desires in the bedroom - and beyond.
    This book unveils the mysteries of the modern man, including the reason why he talks when you need him to listen, why his razor is strictly off limits, and what he really thinks about during sex. It contains all the secrets of dating, mating and reeling 'em in.

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