Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware

Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware by Tammy Noergaard

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This practical technical guide to embedded middleware implementation offers a coherent framework that guides readers through all the key concepts necessary to gain an understanding of this broad topic. Big picture theoretical discussion is integrated with down-to-earth advice on successful real-world use via step-by-step examples of each type of middleware implementation. Technically detailed case studies bring it all together, by providing insight into typical engineering situations readers are likely to encounter. Expert author Tammy Noergaard keeps explanations as simple and readable as possible, eschewing jargon and carefully defining acronyms. The start of each chapter includes a "setting the stage" section, so readers can take a step back and understand the context and applications of the information being provided. Core middleware, such as networking protocols, file systems, virtual machines, and databases; more complex middleware that builds upon generic pieces, such as MOM, ORB, and RPC; and integrated middleware software packages, such as embedded JVMs, .NET, and CORBA packages are all demystified. Embedded middleware theory and practice that will get your knowledge and skills up to speedCovers standards, networking, file systems, virtual machines, and moreGet hands-on programming experience by starting with the downloadable open source code examples from book website
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04 / 11 / 2010

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