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Design for Six Sigma by Kai Yang, Basem EI-Haik

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The Latest Tools and Guidance Needed to Implement Design for Six Sigma in New Product and Service Development!

Hailed as a classic in its first edition, Design for Six Sigma has been fully revised and updated to equip you with everything you need to implement Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in new product and service development.

The Second Edition of this indispensable design tool retains the core of the previous edition, while adding new information on innovation, lean product development, incomplete DOE, mixture experiments, and alternative DFSS roadmaps—plus new thread-through case studies.

From quality concepts and DFSS fundamentals…to DFSS deployment and project algorithm…to design validation, the updated edition of Design for Six Sigma gives you a solid understanding of the entire process for applying DFSS in the creation of successful new products and services.

Packed with detailed illustrations, careful directions and comparisons, and worked-out calculations, the Second Edition of Design for Six Sigma features:

A one-stop resource for developing a sure-fire DFSS program

Expert walkthroughs that help readers choose the right design tools at every stage of the DFSS process

New to this edition: new chapters on innovation, lean product development, and computer simulation; new material on critical parameter management; new thread-through case studies

Providing real-world product development experience and insight throughout, the Second Edition of Design for Six Sigma now offers professionals in a wide range of industries the information required to maximize DFSS potential in creating winning products and services for today's marketplace.

Filled with over 200 detailed illustrations, the Second Edition of Design for Six Sigma first gives you a solid foundation in quality concepts, Six Sigma fundamentals, and the nature of Design for Six Sigma, and then presents clear, step-by-step coverage of:

Design for Six Sigma Deployment

Design for Six Sigma Project Algorithm

DFSS Transfer Function and Scorecards

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Axiomatic Design

Innovation in Product Design

Lean Product Development


Design for X

Failure Mode-Effect Analysis

Fundamentals of Experimental Design

Incomplete DOE

Taguchi's Orthogonal Array Experiment

Taguchi's Robust Parameter Design

Tolerance Design

Response Surface Methodology

Mixture Experiments

Design Validation
Publication Date:
05 / 09 / 2008

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