Developing Web Information Systems

Developing Web Information Systems by Richard Vidgen

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Developing Web Information Systems brings together traditional system development methods that have been taught for many years on information systems and computer science courses with web/e-commerce development. It is the first book to bring together IS development and the web applications in a thorough and systematic way. There is a running case study that illustrates web IS development from start to finish. The case is easy to understand (a theatre) and results in a working web application. Most, if not all, analysis and design texts fall short of making that step into software.The book draws heavily on practical experiences of web-based IS development resulting from commercial system development, so as well as appealing to students and academics, it will also interest practitioners. The coverage of data management and e-business strategy gives the book the broader scope essential for understanding IS development properly in an Internet context.* First book to bring together IS development and web applications thoroughly and systematically.* Covers full development process from strategy, through analysis and design, to working software.* Interactive case study which can be accessed on author's website.
Publication Date:
25 / 09 / 2002

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