Development of the Nervous System

Development of the Nervous System by Thomas A. Reh

By: Thomas A. Reh

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Development of the Nervous System presents a broad and basic treatment of the established and evolving principles of neural development as exemplified by key experiments and observations from past and recent times. The text is organized ontogenically. It begins with the emergence of the neural primordium and takes a chapter-by-chapter approach in succeeding events in neural development: patterning and growth of the nervous system, neuronal determination, axonal navigation and targeting, neuron survival and death, synapse formation and developmental plasticity. Finally, in the last chapter, with the construction phase nearing completion, we examine the emergence of behavior. This new edition reflects the complete modernization of the field that has been achieved through the intensive application of molecular, genetic, and cell biological approaches. It is richly illustrated with color photographs and original drawings. Combined with the clear and concise writing, the illustrations make this a book that is well suited to students approaching this intriguing field for the first time.Features Thorough survey of the field of neural developmentConcise but complete, suitable for a one semester course on upper level undergraduate or graduate levelFocus on fundamental principles of organogenesis in the nervous systemIntegrates information from a variety of model systems, relating them to human nervous system development, including disorders of developmentSystematically develops knowledge from the description of key experiments and resultsOrganized ontologicallyCarefully edited to be presented in one voiceNew edition thoroughly updated and revised to include major new findingsAll figures in full color, updated and revisedSpecific attention on revising the chapter on cognitive and behavioral development to provide a foundation and outlook towards those very fast moving areasInstructor website with figure bank and test questions Benefits The only thorough textbook of Developmental Neuroscience on the marketCarefully structured and edited to map onto the syllabus of most developmental neuroscience coursesPriced to be affordable for undergraduates even in addition to broader textbooksCarefully constructed instructor's websiteSpecifically designed to make teaching of complicated subjects easy and fun for instructors and students alike
Publication Date:
25 / 01 / 2011

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