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By: cj Lim

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Embedding memories into landscape. Measuring moisture, pressure and wind speed within a bedroom. Drawing power with a potato. These are but a few of the preoccupations described within this book.'Devices' is a manual celebrating the invention of architectural and spatial machines. Nostalgic, metaphorical, analytical or even the down-right daft, each of the illustrated pieces demonstrates the potential for spatial occupation, leading to new territories in architectural design.A detailed analysis of each device and a 'recipe' for its construction is provided, including working drawings, assembly diagrams, materials and component descriptions. The reader will not only gain an insight into the technical makeup of the devices, but will have all the information at their fingertips to design and construct ground-breaking innovations of their own. With over 40 devices, this book will inspire architects, designers, engineers and artists alike.* A unique insight into the link between architecture, art and invention* Provides 'recipes' of every case study; essential technical information to follow when creating designs* Presented in the entertaining visual way typical of cj Lim
Publication Date:
12 / 12 / 2005

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