Diabetes Public Health: From Data to Policy

Diabetes Public Health: From Data to Policy by Unknown

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Diabetes affects over 200 million people worldwide; its chronic nature and long-term economic burden make it one of the prototypical public health problems of our time. Numerous research programs have developed over the last decade to improve the understanding of the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications, but effective delivery of preventive strategies remains challenging at best. Efficient synthesis of the data and information from these diverse sources is crucial to prioritize interventions and assemble resources for the implementation of public health programs. This book meets this need and builds on previous works to reflect the evolution of science related to diabetes public health. Through compelling evidence related to the current health and economic impact of diabetes, Diabetes provides effective approaches to prevent and manage diabetes through the practice of public health. It combines state-of-the-art descriptions of risk factors and complications, effective and cost-effective approaches to prevention and treatment, translational research, and genomics to give a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis on diabetes public health. Critical review and synthesis of influential epidemiologic studies and consensus statements, expected future advances in trials and technologies, and public health information resources are also highlighted topics. Written by an array of experts in the field from the US and around the world, this book should be required reading for public health practitioners and researchers, as well as anyone involved in health policy, administration and management. diseases.
Publication Date:
29 / 10 / 2010

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