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This broad-ranging and authoritative illustrated dictionary provides over 2,000 clear and concise definitions of every aspect of Buddhism; including coverage of not only historical but also contemporary issues such as human rights, and the role of women. From religious ceremonies to iconography, this dictionary will provide an invaluable reference source for anyone seeking information on Buddhism. - ;This new dictionary, written by Dr Damien Keown, covers both historical and contemporary issues in Buddhism, and includes all Buddhist schools and cultures. Over 2,000 broad-ranging entries cover beliefs, doctrines, major teachers and scholars, place names, and artefacts, in a clear and concise style. The text is illustrated with line drawings of religious structures, iconographic forms and gestures, and ritual objects. Appendices include a chronology and a guide to canonicalscriptures as well as a pronunciation guide for difficult names and terms. This dictionary should prove invaluable to anyone seeking information on Buddhism, from students of Theology and Social Sciences, to practising Buddhists. -
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27 / 03 / 2003

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