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At a time when the topic of energy prices, resources and environmental impacts are at the forefront of news stories and political discussions, we are pleased to announce the publication of the exciting new Dictionary of Energy. This authoritative resource, called "an essential reference for energy researchers" by Mark Jaccard, Director of the Energy and Materials Research Group at Simon Fraser University, covers all aspects of energy and its role in society. * Over 8,000 definitions spanning 40 scientific disciplines* More than 100 'window essays' written by experts, and covering topics of particular scientific, historical or social significance* Over 150 photos and illustrationsCo-edited by Cutler J. Cleveland, the Editor-in-Chief of the widely-acclaimed Encyclopedia of Energy, and Christopher Morris, the Editor of the award-winning Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology. In a single volume this unique work provides a comprehensive and organized body of knowledge on what is certain to become an increasingly vital area of scientific study in the 21st century.* Contains over 8,000 clear and concise definitions on virtually every topic in energy, organised in 40 key subject areas* Includes more than 100 mini-essays on subjects of particularly topical interest * Compiled with expert input and advice from a board of outstanding scientists and leaders in the energy field
Publication Date:
15 / 11 / 2005

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