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Dictionary of South American Trees provides a single-source reference for botanists, biologists, ecologists, and climatologists on the many native trees in South America. The index lets readers find a tree in four languages, by its common name, or abbreviation, followed by taxonomy that includes common uses for each part of the tree. Using this information, scientists and students can identify and classify plants, their growth structure and environment, the uses of their products, and alternative options with similar characteristics. Complete coverage of all native South American trees-the only single-source reference for botanists, biologists, ecologists and climatologists working in this diverse and changing regionIncludes taxonomy at genera, species, sub-species, and varietal levels, providing information from the most basic level up and allowing readers to identify their subjects using numerous criteriaIndicates Latin, English, French, and Spanish names as well as common names and abbreviations, facilitating accurate and efficient identificationProvides growth information, climatology, ecology and uses for the tree to provide insight into each tree as well as for comparative purposes when seeking similar tree-based resources
Publication Date:
21 / 09 / 2013

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