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    By: Gail Darlington & Linda Gamlin

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    A Comprehensive Guide To Controling Arthritis Through Diet

    Medical science has shown that a change of diet can help people with arthritis. For some - such as those patients who were once crippled by arthritis and have now been free of pain for as long as ten years - there is a dramatic and lasting improvement in which virtually all symptoms disappear. But with so many diets on offer, which one should you try? And is diet likely to be useful for your particular form of arthritis?

    Only this book will answer such questions honestly and fully.

    'Diet And Arthritis' is co-written by leading rheumatologist, Dr Gail Darlington, who has pioneered the scientific study of dietary treatments. Her book looks at the different kinds of arthritis and what causes them. It explains why some diets work for certain arthritic diseases - and why some diets are a waste of time.

    Although there are many other books enthusiastically proposing one diet or another, 'Diet And Arthritis' takes an objective look at the whole subject. Its authoritative comprehensive and balanced approach will help arthritis sufferers everywhere.

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