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    Different Bodies, Different Diets

    By: Carolyn Mein

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    Losing Weight is as Easy as Finding Your Body Type.

    What body type are you?

    Dr Carolyn Mein helps you discover your precise body type and learn exactly what foods you should be eating, when you should be eating them, and how to look and feel your best.

    Everyone knows that following the right diet is essential to good health, but which diet? Most people go through a process of trial and error, meaning they try one diet after another and ultimately go back to the diet they were raised on as children. Unfortunately they often don't know what is really right for their particular body, and eventually discover that what has worked so well for someone else has done little for them. Sound familiar?

    Based on twenty years of experience with thousands of patients, Dr Carolyn Mein has developed the Body Type system, which finally makes sense of all dietary and nutritional questions. The book divides people into 25 different body types, rather than the previously believed three or four. Identifying your particular body type can open doors to health and well-being, self-awareness, personal empowerment, and, of course, optimal weight.

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