Digital Rebellion by Todd Wolfson

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153 x 229 x 20mm

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"The Cyber Left is an examination of how new media and communication technologies are impacting the spatial, strategic and organizational fabric of social movements. Todd Wolfson traces the rise of the a variety of networked organization and struggles--from the "Zapatistas of Cyberspace" of the mid-1990s through the Indymedia network that sprung up after the Battle of Seattle to anti-Iraq War activism--that preceded the more recent uprisings of the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street. Provoked by transformations in global capitalism and information, this transnational form of political organizing continues reconfigured not only how we understand socio-political resistance, but also sovereignty, democracy and social organization. Wolfson first concentrateson the historical antecedents that led to the initial formation of the first indymedia website and the rise of the global indymedia network. He then goes on to analyze the structure, governance and strategy of that network, making connections to the riseof Occupy Wall Street, the Global Justice Movement and the changing nature of social justice movements. The study is based on traditional and cyber-based ethnographic research and focuses on the Philadelphia node of indymedia (one of the first and most successful), as it intersects with local, national and global expressions of the network. Throughout Wolfson stresses that the embrace of computer organization should not be celebrated uncritically, as their adoption by social movements also generate new problems and vulnerabilities"--
Publication Date:
30 / 11 / 2014
153 x 229 x 20mm

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