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    Dining On Stones: Or, The Middle Ground

    By: Iain Sinclair

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    Andrew Norton, poet, visionary and hack, is looking for a new project; some untried quest to absorb him. Handed a mysterious package - a much-hoped-for clue that must be deciphered - Norton quits his old stomping ground of Hackney and sets out along the A13 to divine the boundaries of his search.

    Shifting from Hackney to Hastings and everywhere in between; alternating between aspects of Norton, each of whom is fighting for control of the story; crossing the fuzzy boundaries of fiction and non-fiction, 'Dining on Stones' is both a British road movie of a novel and an encyclopedia of reliable and (mostly) unreliable narration.

    Iain Sinclair's new novel - his most complex and sophisticated yet - is a puzzle and a quest, for both writer and reader. It is a journey into the heart of what it means to write - and to read - stories.

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