Dinosaur Cove by Rex Stone
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Are you ready for the best adventure ever? Welcome to the Jurassic! It's a totally awesome place, as Jamie and Tom are about to discover. With so many cool creatures to spot, the boys begin exploring. In three exciting adventures they meet an amazing stegosaurus, a seriously fed up diplodocus, and while snorkelling in the Jurassic ocean, they also come across one creature they did not want to meet ...a deadly plesiosaur, and it's heading their way! This is great value edition contains three Jurassic adventures - Rescuing the Plated Lizard, Swimming with the Sea Monster and Tracking the Gigantic Beast - from the hugely popular Dinosaur Cove series which has now sold over a million copies. This new edition also includes a set of Jurassic collector cards. 'What every dinosaur-mad child has been waiting for - a young fiction series that really knows its Tyrannosaurus from its Triceratops.' Guardian
Publication Date:
06 / 02 / 2014

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