Discovering Modernism: T. S. Eliot and His Context

Discovering Modernism: T. S. Eliot and His Context by Louis Menand

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When Discovering Modernism was first published, it shed new and welcome light on the birth of Modernism. This reissue of Menands classic intellectual history of T.S. Eliot and the singular role he played in the rise of literary modernism features an updated Afterword by the author, as well as a detailed critical appraisal of the progression of Eliots career as a poet and critic. The new Afterword was adapted from Menands critically lauded essay on Eliot in The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, Volume Seven: Modernism and the New Criticism. Menand shows how Eliots early views on literary value and authenticity, and his later repudiation of those views, reflect the profound changes regarding the understanding of literature and its significance that occurred in the early part of the twentieth century. It will prove an eye-opening study for readers with an interest in the writings of T.S. Eliot and other luminaries of the Modernist era.
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18 / 01 / 2007

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