Do No Harm by Gregg Hurwitz
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111 x 178mm
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A gripping, sophisticated thriller, 'Do No Harm' follows a disturbed sociopath and the ER chief who becomes not only his prey but his only protector.

The doors to the UCLA Center Emergency Room burst open and a young nurse stumbles in - blinded, her once-beautiful face hideously blistered and burning from a savage attack by an unknown assailant. A dedicated physician, ER Chief David Spier is no stranger to the terrible ravages of senseless violence. But this tragedy is too close to home; the victim is a colleague.

A second violent assault suggests the unthinkable: a disturbed man is stalking the Medical Center, and specifically the women who work there. It's up to Dr Spier to keep the emergency room running smoothly and efficiently, even as his terrified co-workers wonder who might be next.

But destiny is about to place him at the very centre of a media frenzy that erupts in the wake of the attacks - when the brutal assailant himself is dragged into the ER in handcuffs and placed under Dr Spier's care . . . as a patient.

Hindered by a mutinous staff that refuses to administer to the damaged man, up against angry LA cops who would rather see the criminal dead than imprisoned and the alarmed media hungry for a lead story at any cost, Dr Spier must now make the most difficult ethical decision of his career. But by doing so he underestimates the power and cunning of the man he is sworn to heal, and inadvertently unleashes a bloody wave of horror that threatens to engulf everyone and everything he cares about.

A single act of humanity has made him pariah in the eyes of the city - and the target of a twisted, tormented madman's hope and vengeance. Dr Spier's most sacred oath as a healer has become his death sentence. To save a city under siege and himself, he must descend into the blackest depths of a twisted and vicious mind . . . to unlock an unspeakable secret that has been hidden away for decades behind hospital doors.

A breakneck-speed novel that coils and turns, surprises, chills and mesmerises, 'Do No Harm' is an accomplished work by a wonderful new talent. For any true lover of nerve-jangling psychological suspense who has yet to make the acquaintance of Gregg Hurwitz, the time is now.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2003
111 x 178mm

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