Doctor Who And The Pescatons - CD

Doctor Who And The Pescatons - CD by Dramatisation BBC
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123 x 143mm
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Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen star as the fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane in this classic audio adventure, remastered for CD and now featuring an exclusive 45 minute bonus interview.
We have been waiting for you, Doctor. We knew you would come.

The TARDIS's arrival, on a lonely stretch of beach at night, is closely followed by a slithering sound and a chilling roar - marking the beginning of a terrifying adventure on present day Earth for the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. The deadly Pescatons have arrived! Refugees from their own dying planet, these towering amphibian monsters are led by the mighty Zor - whom the Doctor has encountered before. Soon the creatures have invaded London, wreaking death and destruction upon the city and all who stand in their way. In their efforts to help save the planet's population from this violent onslaught, the Doctor and Sarah must draw upon all their reserves of courage and ingenuity.

In an exclusive and highly entertaining bonus interview, recorded especially for this release, Elisabeth Sladen talks about her memories of Doctor Who and the Pescatons, her portrayal of the ever-popular Sarah Jane Smith, and what it was like to be part of the Doctor Who team in the 1970s.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2005
123 x 143mm

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