Dogs of the Shepherds: A Review of the Pastoral Breeds

Dogs of the Shepherds: A Review of the Pastoral Breeds by HANCOCK DAVID
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'Dogs of the Shepherds' is a book for all those who admire the most valuable of all the working dogs, the pastoral breeds: sheepdogs, cattle dogs and flock protection dogs, the indispensable farmer's servants and companion dogs for thousands of proud dog-owners across the globe. Painstakingly researched and packed with information, this book is not a manual covering training, grooming, nutrition and dog care; it is very much a reflective review of the pastoral dogs' contribution to the working and companion dog scene. It is a searching examination of their past, their performance and their prospects in an increasingly urban society. AUTHOR: The author of twelve previous books on dogs and over 750 articles published in national and international magazines, Colonel David Hancock MBE has studied dogs for over half a century in more than twenty countries. In 2009 he won the annual award of the Dog Writers' Association of America, having been a runner-up two years earlier. His last book, on Hounds, was widely acclaimed. He owned Border Collies for over thirty years and was responsible for a Rare Breeds farm for over a decade, wrote articles for country magazines and has advised TV production companies on recent documentaries on dogs. He was a contributor to the Bateson Report, an inquiry into pedigree dog breeding in the UK. 400 colour and b/w photographs
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2014

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