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    By: Jessica Seinfeld

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    Deceptively Delicious, Jessica Seinfeld's first book, has become an indispensible instruction manual to more than a million Moms, giving them a delicious, peaceful, easy, and safe way to make fruits and vegetables a part of even the pickiest kids' diet.
    So what's next?
    MORE everyday delicious meals with a hidden boost of essential nutrients wholesome ingredients
    MORE purees made from more wholesome ingredients
    MORE variety and nutrition including whole grains and alternatives to processed sugars and flours
    MORE important nutritional information from Joy Bauer about what kids need to thrive
    MORE tips for coping - inside the kitchen and out
    MORE than just fruits and vegetables, MORE than just Delicious - it's BEYOND DELICIOUS, Jessica Seinfeld's follow-up to her New York Times #1 Bestseller
    From Jessica:
    "In Beyond Delicious, I will continue on my quest to make healthy eating easy and fun, delicious and do-able. In my new book, you'll find more tried-and-true Delicious recipes - ordinary food that kids and adults both love, with added, hidden, tasty goodness. But Beyond Delicious will take the Delicious method and bring a whole new group of natural ingredients to the party.
    So while you'll find more easy vegetable purees to add to great meals, you'll also find every day recipes - America's favorites - with added nutrition such as fruits, whole grains and white sugar alternatives. With the expertise of nutritionist Joy Bauer, Beyond Delicious will help families find ways to add whole grains and subtract white sugar - without compromising on taste. And Beyond Delicious is not just for kids. All the recipes are created for both kids and grownups alike. There is also a special section on dealing with the especially tricky older child (or grown up!).
    Since before the launch of Deceptively Delicious, I've been hard at work finding new ways to take ordinary food and make it extraordinarily good for you:
    I'll show you what I've learned about cooking with whole grain cereals, oat and brown rice flours.
    I'll show you how frozen or even canned fruit can make an average meal into something you will feel better about serving your family.
    I'll show you special ways to make birthday parties and celebratory food better for you and your guests.
    And of course, I will share loads of food and cooking tips and advice from the experts - other moms!"

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