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    Double Duty: The Parents' Guide to Raising Twins, from Pregnancy through the School Years (2nd Edition)

    By: Christina Tinglof

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    Not 10, but 20 fingers and 20 toes!

    The classic guide to parenting twins-now completely updated and revised!

    You're excited to hear your baby's heartbeat during the ultrasound. But what happens when you hear two heartbeats instead of one? Having a baby can cause any parent to feel overwhelmed, and with twins those concerns are multiplied by two. Having twins is a unique experience, and expert Christina Tinglof brings you the fully updated essential guide to help you cope with any issue that can arise-from pregnancy through the school years. With multiple pregnancies becoming more common, the second edition of this timely book provides you with the much needed information, practical tips, and strategies for handling the everyday challenges of parenting twins. Double Duty includes:

    Up-to-date information on diagnosis and treatment of complications common to multiple pregnancies-plus dietary guidelines specific to a twin pregnancy

    The latest must-have products that simplify day-to-day life

    Survival tips and trouble-shooting techniques for the critical first month

    Tips on how to breastfeed or bottle feed two infants at once

    Money-saving advice for accommodating two new additions to the family

    The pros and cons of placing twins in the same classroom

    Advice on how to discourage unhealthy sibling rivalry

    Includes the TOP FIVE:

    Exercises for extremely pregnant women

    Ways to bond with premature babies

    Baby wardrobe essentials

    Bedtime strategies

    Ways to establish each child's individuality

    VEndorsements for Double Duty 2nd Edition (ISBN: 0071613447) by Christina Baglivi Tinglof “Double Duty 2nd Edition

    is singularly successful in combining practical advice with reassurance and encouragement from seasoned parents of twins. It neither sugar coats nor overstates the challenges, but presents a straightforward picture of what parents can expect from their twins at every stage, from pregnancy through the teen years. Tinglof mingles thorough research with personal anecdotes to present a comprehensive resource for parents of twins. With updated information about the medical issues of multiple pregnancy and new insights about the psychology of the twin relationship, the new edition is recommended reading for all prospective parents of twins”

    -Pamela Fierro, Guide to Twins & Multiples at About.com

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