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    Down And Out In Paris And London


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    Meet Bozo, a stargazing pavement artist, and Boris the starving Russian, once a captain in the second Siberian rifles, now an unemployed waiter. Enter the Vile Hotel X., with its mean patron, easily duped American guests and appalling back-stairs squalor. Find out how it feels to sleep on stone floors behind the locked doors of London's doss-houses of last resort, and what it's like to try to survive on a dreadful regime of 'tea and two-slice' and cigarette butts found in gutters... Discover this and more in the young Orwell's memoir of his time among the desperately poor of Paris and London.

    'He saw through everything... Many have tried to imitate his particular kind of clarity without anything like his moral authority.' Peter Ackroyd, The Times

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