Downsized by Mike Dumbleton & Tom Jellett
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284 x 224mm

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What do you do when your dad loses his job and life begins to change? A young girl with a grand plan is determined to make her father feel wanted again. Hidden away at the bottom of a small messy garden she sets quietly to work ... A touching story where hope and understanding finally blossom. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mike Dumbleton started writing when he decided he wasn't getting any better at basketball and his three children were old enough to allow him some uninterrupted time. His first book, Dial-a-Croc, published in 1991, was a great success and continues to be very popular. Since then Mike has written picture book titles such as Mr Knuckles, Granny O'Brien and The Diamonds of Selmore, and the recent bedtime story Let's Escape, and he has had work adapted for the stage and for television. Mike Dumbleton was born in England where he qualified as a teacher before emigrating to Australia with his wife Linda in 1972. He now lives in Adelaide with his family and works as a Literacy Curriculum Officer for the Department of Education Training and Employment. In addition to watching basketball, Mike also enjoys jogging, swimming and watching soccer in his spare time. ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR Tom Jellett was born in Manly, New South Wales, but went to school in Adelaide, completing a bachelor of design-illustration at the University of South Australia in 1994. Since then he has illustrated several books and a number of book covers. Downsized is his first picture book for Random House. He now lives in Sydney and spends some of his time working on a newspaper and the rest of his time illustrating children's books.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2000
284 x 224mm

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