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    By: & Jim DeFelice

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    The first in a new series of high-tech thrillers centred on Dreamland - a top-secret USAF weapons research centre.

    As the world's one remaining superpower, it seems that America is the only nation capable of keeping global peace. With nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the hands of terrorists and Third World countries and age-old ethnic and religious conflicts keeping tempers white-hot, the stakes are high. So how can America prevent the next war from wiping out half the planet? The answer is Dreamland.

    The High Technology Aerospace Weapons Centre in Nevada - known as Dreamland - is America's most advanced weapons laboratory. It is also home to a crack commando group codenamed Whiplash. Armed with testing-stage aircraft and weapons that push beyond the cutting edge, the men and women of Whiplash can handle missions far beyond the ability of normal miliary units - and are the first team the President turns to when America's vital interests are threatened.

    Dale Brown's 'Dreamland' is a new series of paperback original novels written by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice, exhibiting all the authenticity and fast-paced flying action we have come to expect from the bestselling author. While the 'Dreamland' series stands alone, it features characters and institutions familiar to the many readers of Dale Brown's other thrillers. The series is packed with edge-of-the-seat adventure in the sky and on the ground.

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