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    Nerve Centre

    By: & Jim DeFelice

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    The second in a new series of high-tech thrillers centred on Dreamland - a top-secret USAF weapons research centre.

    Hidden in the Nevada desert is America's most advanced aerospace-weapons testing facility. Dreamland is the place where the nation's top minds come to develop artillery and aircraft that push beyond the cutting edge. And where the Air Force's top guns come to test them.

    Dreamland's latest project is Flighthawk - a high-tech unmanned aerial attack aircraft. Its potential is formidable, but so is the task of learning how to use it properly. To speed up the process, they take a risk on an experimental learning system that involves the untested technique of implanting a microchip into the user's skull.

    At first, all goes well as the first volunteer, Army Captain Kevin Madrone, rapidly masters the complex remote-flying skills. But the psychological stress proves too much - and suddenly Madrone disappears, armed with one of the most powerful weapons in the world.

    Dale Brown's 'Dreamland' is a new series of paperback original novels written by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice, exhibiting all the authenticity and fast-paced flying action we have come to expect from the bestselling author. While the 'Dreamland' series stands alone, it features characters and institutions familiar to the many readers of Dale Brown's other thrillers. The series is packed with edge-of-the-seat adventure in the sky and on the ground.

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