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    By: Jane Goldman

    Date Released
    152 x 232mm

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    Beyond the white-knuckle rides, the real danger is waiting . . .

    It's another perfect day at Dreamworld, Florida's famous family vacation spot. Until its most popular character turns up murdered.

    When Lisa Schaeffer agreed to play the part of Kit-E-Cat, she expected to spend her time cuddling children, not getting stabbed and winding up with blood all over her fun fur costume, her unsavoury boyfriend dead at her side.

    A double death is not the sort of attraction the Dreamworld authorities want to publicise, and so their impressive security force swings into action. The utopian image must be preserved; no illusions shattered.

    Few are more sincerely devoted to this aim than rookie patrol officer Sylvia Avery, a smart, sensuous twenty-something with a shadowy past and an ambitious streak. But when another grisly murder suggests a new, more sinister possibility, Avery is forced to investigate the side of Dreamworld that visitors never see: the catacomb of hidden supply tunnels, the ultra-confidential research complex where top neuroscientists explore new avenues of virtual entertainment, the reality behind the whitewash. But just how close can she get to the horrifying truth without jeopardising Dreamworld's reputation, her job or even her life?

    Stunning suspense, non-stop surprises and dark wit combine in this thrilling novel from the hippest, sharpest, most talented new voice in fiction.
    Publication Date:
    05 / 07 / 2000
    152 x 232mm

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