Easy Biology Step-by-Step

Easy Biology Step-by-Step by Nichole Vivion
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Take it step-by-step for biology success!

The quickest route to learning a subject is through a solid grounding in the basics. So what you won’t find in Easy Biology Step-by-Step is a lot of endless drills. Instead, you get a clear explanation that breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps that, with the aid of helpful graphics, will enable you to grasp biology essentials. Rules and concepts are explained in detail in everyday English, then reinforced by annotated examples and focused exercises that build understanding for work in class and make review for tests and exams more effective.

This book features: Large step-by-step charts breaking down each step within a process and showing clear connections between topics and annotations to clarify difficulties

Stay-in-step panels show how to cope with variations to the core steps

Step-it-up exercises link practice to the core steps already presented

Missteps and stumbles highlight common errors to avoid

You can master biology as long as you take it Step-by-Step!
Publication Date:
16 / 05 / 2012

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