Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better

Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better by Julie Cove

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Alkalize Your Lifestyle is a four-step program for cleaning up your diet, detoxifying your body, and maintaining your overall well-being with exercise and positivity.

Eat your way to better health for life. Too many acid-forming foods in your body create an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungus that cause inflammation, from headaches to muscle pain to chronic illness. But you can improve your digestion, eliminate ill health, and increase your energy by loading up on alkaline foods.

Part I explains the basics of alkalizing, the science behind the food choices you make and what's happening in your body during each of the four steps. In the Inspire stage you learn about the program and begin to ease into the alkaline lifestyle. The Desire phase is when you begin detoxification with the veggie feast. Next, you will excavate deep tissues and dump years of toxins in the Aspire stage. In the final Acquire stage you learn to maintain a balanced lifestyle with alkaline foods, exercise and a positive outlook.

Part II provides the delicious recipes that will help you achieve your goal. Wherever you are, new to alkalizing or an old hand in need of fresh ideas, there are hundreds of options for nourishing smoothies, breakfasts, salads, soups, warm dishes, savory bites, and sweet treats. The recipes are easy to follow and spare no ounce of flavor with advice on how to move past the diet phase and make positive long-term choices. Alkalize Your Life is a book to balance your body and revitalize your life. Mix and match the dishes here or use the recipes and the alkaline food guide as inspiration for your own meals. Alkalize Your Life is your blueprint for years of lasting good health.
Publication Date:
13 / 06 / 2016
213 x 263mm

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