eBooks / Terms & Conditons

Welcome to QBD eBooks. Below is a brief guide to downloading our eReader and read the eBooks you have purchased.

Please read this carefully to decide if our eBooks will be suitable for you.
We can answer any questions Monday to Friday 8.00AM - 5.00PM - 07 3291 7444.
Unfortunately once eBooks have been downloaded they cannot be refunded.

Important Information: 3rd Party eReader's (Sony/Kobo etc)

Downloading eBooks from within our eReader app will bind them for use with our eReader app only. We understand that some customers may want to use their 3rd Party eReader device rather than our eReader app. For more information on how to do this please read this guide.


We have the following eReader applications for you to use to read your eBooks:
  • iOS - Available on the AppStore. Requires iOS 3.2 or better
  • Android - Available on the Android Marketplace. Requires 2.2 or better
  • Mac - Requires OS 10.6 or better.
  • PC
From here on in, this guide will be a generic usage guide. For a more indepth guide, click on the relevant platform above.

Please note that at this time our ebooks are not supported by a Kindle device.

eReader - Login

All of our eReaders use your the same login credentials as our website. If you have just registered, or updated your password you may need to wait a minute before your account is updated in our systems.

eReader - Library

Upon loading the eReader it will attempt to Sync your Library incase there had been purchases since the last time you used it. If you had it already opened and just made a purchase please press the Refresh/Sync button to force the Library to recheck our systems.

eReader - Help

If you are having any problems using or downloading our eReader/eBooks please read the following guide, or contact our support staff.Happy Reading