Ecological Psychoacoustics

Ecological Psychoacoustics by Unknown

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Ecological Psychoacoustics outlines recent advances in dynamic, cognitive, and ecological investigations of auditory perception and ties this work to findings in more traditional areas of psychoacoustics. The book illuminates some of the converging evidence that is beginning to emerge from these traditionally divergent fields, providing a scientifically rigorous, "real world" perspective on auditory perception, cognition, and action. In a natural listening environment almost all sounds are dynamic, complex, and heard concurrently with other sounds. Yet, historically, traditional psychoacoustics has examined the perception of static, impoverished stimuli presented in isolation. Ecological Psychoacoustics examines recent work that challenges some of the traditional ideas about auditory perception that were established with these impoverished stimuli and provides a focused look at the perceptual processes that are more likely to occur in natural settings.

* Examines basic psychoacoustics from a more cognitive and ecological perspective
* Provides broad coverage including both basic and applied research in auditory perception
* Coherence and cross referencing among chapters
Publication Date:
06 / 07 / 2004

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