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Ecotoxicology, Third Edition discusses the ecological effects of pollutants: the ways in which ecosystems can be affected, and current attempts to predict and monitor such effects. The emphasis is on ecosystems; therefore toxicological approaches are critically assessed.Following a brief introduction to the principal characteristics of both pollutants and ecosystems, the various ecosystem components are considered in more detail. Populations, communities and gene pools are examined with an emphasis on the ways in which pollutants affect them specifically. The indirect effects of pollution are considered separately in a new chapter with particular attention paid to the mechanisms and biological effects of global warming. A discussion of the methods used to predict and to monitor the effects of pollutants, some illustrative examples of pollution problems and a final summary discussion, complete the book.A classic proven by its second editionStill the only book to properly integrate ecological principles with chemistry/biochemistryFocuses on the interaction between ecology and toxicologyDesigned for use by toxicologists with no ecology training, and for ecologists with no toxicology trainingThere is a new chapter on pollutants in habitats and global warming
Publication Date:
30 / 04 / 1999

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