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This treatment guide is based on selected disorders taken from the American Psychiatric Association DSM-IV Diagnostic Classifications. The disorders selected are treatable or responsive to brief therapy methods.The therapist or student in training can use this book to identify the elements needed for formulating a treatment plan on disorders typically encountered in clinical practice. The approaches taken are based on cognitive behavioral principles and makes use of empirical findings. However, the case study format allows the reader to see how the assessment and treatment is implemented in a "real-life" patient, and not as a clinical abstraction distilled from research studies. Moreover, the treatment plan is outlined in a manner that makes reimbursement likely from managed care organizations and insurance companies. Effective Brief Therapies is useful as a reference for therapists and as a training guide for graduate students.Case DescriptionsTreatment ConceptualizationAssessment TechniquesTreatment Implementation TechniquesConcurrent Diagnoses and TreatmentComplications and Treatment ImplicationsDealing with Managed Care and AccountabilityOutcome and Follow-upDealing with Recidivism
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06 / 07 / 2000

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