Effective Press Relations for the Built Environment

Effective Press Relations for the Built Environment by Helen Elias
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"Effective Press Relations for the Built Environment" is a practical guide on how to generate publicity and make the most of press interest in projects and companies across the built environment industry. It directs architects, engineers and other consultants how to develop press plans for firms and for individual projects, and how to be active in developing a reputation by getting work published in the architectural, engineering and construction press. Quotes populate the book from some of the industry's key journalists who have given clear and helpful opinions about how to go about generating successful press cover. An essential, helpful chapter contributed by Gareth Gardner, past editor of Building Design and now a busy photo journalist focusing upon architecture, interiors and design, sets out the best way to generate images that will capture the interest of editors and art editors. Chapters range from planning a strategy for a project though to how to write, seek approval, build atarget press list and issue the information to magazines. Separate sections give advice on how to speak to the press and set out the actions to take when working with the press during a crisis. Comprehensive appendices include lists of sector magazine titles, media resources, public relations consultants and architectural photographers. With its hands-on approach, this book is an invaluable tool that provides practical advice for any firm with news to share or a project that deserves to be published. It will be useful for new starters, or larger firms that want to take a more pro-active role in generating their own publicity, while also helping companies to get the most from their pressrelations consultant.
Publication Date:
06 / 11 / 2006

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