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    Einstein's Refrigerator: Tales Of The Hot & Cold

    By: Segre Gino

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    Why do our bodies always stay at the same temperature of 98.6 degrees F whether we're in the Arctic or the Sahara? How do penguins keep warm? How do you measure the heat of the sun's core? What can ice layers tell us about the history of the Earth? Why did Einstein invent a household refrigerator - and how is it linked with the atomic bomb?

    'Einstein's Refrigerator' takes us on an enthralling, unique journey through our bodies, our planet and the furthest reaches of the universe, using temperature as a guide. It reveals how hot and cold are the key to life, and how they can solve the world's most intriguing puzzles: from the Big Bang and the extinction of the dinosaurs to the origins of humankind and the quest for absolute zero - and even what may lie on other planets . . .

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