Electrochemistry of Nucleic Acids and Proteins

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DNA (sometimes referred to as the molecule of life), is the most interesting and most important of all molecules. Electrochemistry of Nucleic Acids and Proteins: Towards Electrochemical Sensors for Genomics and Proteomics is devoted to the electrochemistry of DNA and RNA and to the development of sensors for detecting DNA damage and DNA hybridization. Volume 1, in the brand new series Perspectives in Bioanalysis, looks at the electroanalytical chemistry of nucleic acids and proteins, development of electrochemical sensors and their application in biomedicine and in the new fields of genomics and proteomics. The authors have expertly formatted the information for a wide variety of readers, including new developments that will inspire students and young scientists to create new tools for science and medicine in the 21st century.* Covers highly sophisticated methods of electrochemical analysis of nucleic acids and proteins* Summarises the present state of electrochemical analysis of nucleic acids and proteins* Includes future trends in the electrochemical analysis in genomics and proteomics
Publication Date:
19 / 12 / 2005

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