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Vintage Radio, Television and Hi-Fi are highly popular 'modern antiques' - and offer the added challenge for restorers of the repair of classic valve-based circuits. This highly readable book encompasses all aspects of buying, collecting, restoring, repairing, sourcing parts, professional services, clubs and societies, etc. Covering the technical side as well as collecting, this book offers the most comprehensive coverage available. The first half of the book deals primarily with technical aspects of restoration, what components are needed and where they can be found. The second half of the book provides a wealth of useful information: names and addresses of clubs and societies, auctions and antique fairs; a professional services directory; how to get hold of service data. Armed with this book the enthusiast will be able to tackle the restoration of a vintage machine with confidence.A highly popular type of 'modern antique'Covers technical aspects of classic valve-based circuitryThe most complete work for vintage audio and TV enthusiasts, dealers and repairers
Publication Date:
12 / 08 / 1998

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