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Element Encyclopedia of Vampires by Theresa Cheung

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An A to Z of the UndeadBloodsuckers. Immortals. Nightstalkers. Cold ones. Though they've sported different names and different guises, vampires have existed in almost every culture of our world. They've haunted our darkest dreams, simultaneously invoking both fear and fascination. After all, the question still plagues us centuries later...do vampires actually exist?THE ELEMENT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VAMPIRES examines the dark depths of the vampire world, separating the myth from the chilling reality. Discover vampiric folklore and legend from around the world before descending into real-life case histories of mortal blood drinkers. Loaded with details and facts about:* The science of vampires* The vampire family tree, including ghosts, witches and werewolves* Vampires through history* The methods of finding, identifying, and destroying vampires* The vital significance of blood* Famous vampirologists and vampire organizationsDiscover why the sadistic practices of Elizabeth Bathory led to her nickname, "Countess Dracula,", what the role of the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (the FVZA) was, why you should never jump over a corpse, and how the Penangal - a screaming blood-soaked beast that drifts through the Malayan jungle - finds its victims.Organized from A to Z, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on vampires and their history. Lift the coffin and determine for yourself what is real...and what is undead.
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25 / 07 / 2013

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