Emperor: The Field Of Swords - Cassette

Emperor: The Field Of Swords - Cassette by Conn Iggulden
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148 x 108mm

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Read by Alex Jennings

Julius Caesar must walk a dangerous path if he is to survive the dying days of the Republic. Everything and everyone he loves will be tested in fire. The Field of Swords begins as Caesar completes his inner circle, the men who will be his generals. When the opportunity comes to stand as Consul, he returns to a city where plots and conspiracies threaten the stability of everything he values. Together, Pompey, Crassus and Caesar form the uneasy alliance that is the first Triumvirate. For Julius Caesar, it is the chance to forge a new path that will take him to Gaul and off the edge of the map to Britain. These are the last days of the old order, shaped and torn by a man without equal in human history. This is his summer. This is a truly epic story, part of the acclaimed Emperor series, where history and adventure, courage and ambition , friendship and rivalry combine together to stunning effect . Conn Iggulden is an outstanding new writer on the historical fiction scene.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2005
148 x 108mm

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