Employee Benefits Design and Compensation (Collection)

Employee Benefits Design and Compensation (Collection) by Bashker D. Biswas

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A new collection of best practices for designing better compensation and benefit programs 2 authoritative books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! 2 authoritative eBooks help you drive more value, efficiency, and competitive advantage from compensation and benefits programs Compensation and benefit programs are the largest expenses in most organizations; in service organizations, they often represent more than 50% of total costs. In this unique 2 eBook package, leading consultant Bashker D. Biswas helps you systematically optimize these programs to maximize value, efficiency, and competitive advantage. In Employee Benefits Design and Planning , Biswas brings together all the knowledge you need to make better benefits decisions. He introduces core principles for ensuring proper financing, funding, compliance, and recordkeeping; accurate actuarial calculations; and effective employee communication. Building on these principles, he guides you through benefits ranging from healthcare and disability insurance to retirement and cafeteria plans. Youll find up-to-date discussions of complex challenges, such as the Affordable Care Act and global benefits planning. Throughout, he offers essential insights for managing rising costs and risks, while ensuring that benefits programs improve productivity, reflect best practices, and align with your organizations strategy and goals. Next, in Compensation and Benefit Design , Biswas helps HR professionals bring true financial and accounting discipline to compensation and benefit design, tightly align talent management to strategy, and quantify program performance in the language of finance. Biswas thoroughly explains best-fit practices for superior program design, demystifies relevant financial and accounting concepts, and illuminates key connections between HR program development and GAAP/IFRS accounting requirements. His far-reaching coverage ranges from integrating compensation and benefits into Balanced Scorecards to managing expatriate compensation. Biswas reveals the true financial implications of every element of modern compensation and benefit programs, from base salaries to stock incentives, sales compensation to healthcare cost containment. Perhaps most important, he helps you systematically measure the value of your investments -- so you can both prove and improve your performance. Simply put, this collection brings together unparalleled tools for optimizing compensation and benefits programs -- whether youre in HR, finance, line-of-business management, or corporate management. From Dr. Bashker D. Biswas, world-renowned expert in employee compensation and benefits program design
Publication Date:
29 / 05 / 2014

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