Employee Competition: Covenants, Confidentiality, and Garden Leave

Employee Competition: Covenants, Confidentiality, and Garden Leave by Unknown

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Employee Competition: Covenants, Confidentiality, and Garden Leave is a comprehensive and practical text for solicitors, barristers and in-house lawyers practising in employment law, and human resource professionals. It provides detailed analysis of the full range of issues that are encountered in contentious and non-contentious work concerning all forms of competition by employees, directors, partners, LLP members, and others. Written by a team of leading practitioners from Blackstone Chambers and Olswang, the book combines an authoritative account of the substantive law with an overview of the relevant procedural issues. Topics covered include good faith and related duties, fiduciary duties, confidential information, garden leave, and restrictive covenants. Comprehensive coverage of available remedies (including injunctions, damages, and account of profits) ensures that the book is of real, practical value topractitioners. This new edition has been substantially revised to take into account a wealth of case-law that has emerged since the previous edition was published. A notable development is in the area of economic torts and the liabilities of third parties, in light of the House of Lords' decision in Mainstream Properties v Young. This involved a fundamental review of the nature of economic torts and the role of intention in relation to third party liability. The section on team moves has beensubstantially revised to take account of recent case law including Tullett Prebon v BGC. There is also a new chapter on the international dimension, reflecting the increasing importance of this issue, which includes examination of common law jurisdictional rules, European measures (such as the Judgments Regulation and Rome I Regulation), and important recent cases such as Samengo-Turner v Marsh and Duarte v Black & Decker. Containing checklists, material on drafting, and sample clauses at the end of chapters, as well as appendices identifying key decisions in the field, the work provides a practical and user-friendly guide to employment covenants. Occasional papers from the authors updating the contents of the book , will appear on the Blackstone Chambers website at http://www.blackstonechambers.com/practice areas/employment. html.
Publication Date:
24 / 02 / 2011

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