Enemy Women - Cassette by Paulette Jiles
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178 x 74mm

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10 Cassettes, Unabridged.

'Cold Mountain' meets 'Charlotte Gray' when a young woman, denounced as a spy, escapes from a Civil War prison to find her way home.

Missouri, 1865. Adair Colley and her family have managed to hide from the bloody Armageddon of the American Civil War, but finally even their remote mountain farm cannot escape the plundering greed of the Union militia. Her house is burnt, her father beaten and dragged away.

With fierce determination, Adair sets out after him on foot. So begins an extraordinary voyage which will see Adair herself denounced as a Confederate spy and thrown in jail. Here she falls passionately in love with her Union interrogator, who helps her escape.

Braving uncounted dangers with wit, ingenuity, and an outrageous courage, she struggles to return home, to reunite her family, and - against all odds - to find her love again, this time as a free woman.

Ecstatic reviewers have compared this muscular, vivid novel with 'Cold Mountain', unanimously calling this the better read. With cinematic sweep and a galloping pace, 'Enemy Women' introduces readers to the most memorable heroine of many years. You will lose your heart to Adair Colley, and to this magnificent audiobook.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2003
178 x 74mm

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